When You Can’t Use a Computer, You’ll Need a Wayfair Storage Cabinet

Free online storage is about to be on the rise, thanks to a new product that will let you use your home or office to store your files for free.

Wayfair is launching a new service called Wayfair Cloud Storage, which will let anyone store their files on their own private server for as little as $9 a month.

Waypoint, the company behind the service, says it offers the best storage experience for the most affordable price in the business.

Waypoints cloud storage is free for a limited time, but that expires on October 1, and it costs $9.99 per month for unlimited storage and storage space.

WayPoint will allow anyone to store up to 1TB of data on their servers, as well as up to 2TB of other files, photos, music, videos, and other media.

Waypoint also has an in-house service for businesses, offering free storage to their staff.

WayCloud is Waypoint’s cloud storage service.

(Photo: Waypoint)Waypoint Cloud Storage is a free cloud storage platform, which Waypoint says has a 100 percent uptime guarantee.

It’s available for use on PCs and mobile devices as well, with Waypoint CEO and co-founder Mike Mika saying the goal is to make it easy for everyone.

Waycloud will also be available for purchase through third-party resellers.

Way points cloud storage features include unlimited storage, secure storage, automatic backups, and cloud storage backup.

Waypoints cloud hosting will be free, but Waypoint charges $9 for unlimited cloud storage.

For more, read: New Waypoint cloud storage to save you from a big file, but it won’t save you money.

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