Parents: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this

Parents say they were too scared to tell their kids they were expecting their first baby.

They say they didn’t want to upset them or send a signal.

And they say it was the right thing to do.

But now, thanks to an anonymous donor, parents of two boys are sharing their stories of their journey to motherhood and the joy of a baby.

They say their journey was an inspiring one, but the news is just starting to hit the public.

Their stories are coming out and the stories are not always so positive.

We are trying to be sensitive to the fact that this story is about a family, so that we don’t make the same mistake as others in that we start to feel the pressure to not tell,” said mother of two Lauren Haney.

She and her husband were just getting their first son when they met the anonymous donor.

They said the family was so accepting.

Haney said she felt comfortable enough to tell her boys about her pregnancy.

She said when the family went into labor, she felt like a stranger in a strange land.”

I was scared, but I knew it was a good time,” Haney said.”

They were in good hands and they were very understanding,” said Haney’s husband, Michael Haney, who said he did not feel the need to be more explicit.

Michael Haney says his wife had to be very careful to not upset the boys and not send the wrong message.”

She said, ‘I have a lot of kids, and I’m just going to take care of my kids,'” Michael Hanes said.

Hanes and his wife were very supportive of the donor, but when their first child was born in March, the couple started to question whether the baby was going to be a boy.

Hane said they did not know exactly how old their baby was, but they assumed it was around 6 months old.

The donor told the couple they had already decided to have a baby girl, so they were not worried about it.”

We were very confident that the baby would be a girl, and that was a big help to us,” Hanes Haney explained.

Michael said his wife was not at all worried about what happened to the baby, as long as the baby’s gender was unknown.”

That was a great surprise, and she was just so proud of it,” he said.

Both parents, along with their daughters, now live in California.

The Hanes, who say they are not married yet, said they are still getting used to the idea that they are expecting a baby boy.”

I think we are all so happy, and we are just so grateful for the gift that was presented to us.”

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