Why can’t the Avalanche get rid of the wooden storage bins?

There’s an entire industry devoted to recycling wood bins.

The idea is to reuse them and put them to use for the next generation of wood products.

The bins are used in warehouses, as storage for packaging, in kitchen cabinets, in storage for food and clothing, and in kitchens, which are often full of junk food, beer and liquor.

The biggest problem is that they’re not recyclable, at least not without some sort of sorting.

The Denver Post’s Rob Bontemps reports on how a company is trying to solve the problem.

(The Associated Press)It’s not just the storage bins that are problematic, Bontes says.

They’re not reusable, either.

If you’re going to store your food in a wooden box, you have to take care of the outside.

You can’t just go and dump your food on the ground.

It has to be cleaned up and put back in the box.

And when you get rid a box, it has to go into a different area of the facility.

The company’s a new company called “Wood-Based Waste Management,” but Bontems has already done some work with other wood products and materials.

In the past, he has been using old boxes to collect wood scraps for his business, which collects the wood and metal used in various parts of the manufacturing process.

The idea behind the bins is to save the wood for reuse in other products, such as furniture.

The company uses a process called high density clay that can help the wood adhere to a variety of surfaces.

Bontems says that his company has a few customers that already use the bins to make furniture.

He says he has a plan to build more and is working with the state to have them installed.

Bond has a similar idea, but he’s working on a larger scale.

He’s using the bins for more than 1,000 wood products, including wood pulp, wood pellets, wood veneers, paper, plastics, wood screws, wood board, lumber, scrap metal, wood glue, wood stain and more.

There are a lot of different wood products that people can use.

But Bonters is trying a different approach.

He believes that the wood is so valuable, it’s worth using more efficient materials.

He says the company plans to build three or four new facilities to sell the wood.

Bonds says his goal is to get the bins in all the warehouses that are full of wood.

He said the company has done research and has learned that the bins are less expensive than other storage methods, such at home.

Bonses said his company is looking for funding, which he hopes will allow it to do its work in Denver.

He also hopes to eventually have the bins installed in other facilities.

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