How to store a bunch of stuff in your boat

It’s been a busy couple of months for boat storage in Sydney.

For some Australians, it means getting lost in the sea, or being thrown overboard on an ill-fated cruise.

Others use it as a way to keep their boat in the water while they wait for it to get repaired.

For the latter, it’s all about storage bins.

Bins can be placed anywhere on the hull, either inside the hull or on top of it, and are usually made of wood or other materials that will keep the boat in place and out of the way. 

Al Jazeera’s Alana Ghattas, reporting from Sydney, visited a boat storage bin in the harbour and got some inside the boat.

She said:”I was quite excited to find a large, rectangular container on the deck of the boat that held two bins.

It was full of stuff, including bottles, cans and bottles of beer.”

It was like a mini boat storage box.

“Ghattas also visited a storage bin at the Harbour Bridge and the boat was filled with bottles, bottles of wine, a bottle of whiskey and even an ice cream cone.”

We are used to seeing these sort of things in boats, but this is the first time I have seen it on a boat,” she said.”

This is something you need to have in your hands.

You can’t just go out and buy a boat and just throw it in the ocean and forget about it.

“A boat is a vessel and you need the right kind of storage bin.”

Al Jazeera crew are currently on a weeklong tour of the Australian Maritime Museum in Hobart to document and record the museum’s collection of historic and artefacts.

They will also be taking a look at the storage bins at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and will be sharing some of their photos with the ABC News website.


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