How to get a Rubbermaid storage box for under £100 (and make it awesome)

A couple of years ago I had a chance to go shopping at an Ikea warehouse.

They’re not really that big in the UK, but I was very impressed with how well everything was organized and neatly organized.

I thought I’d share my experience with you.

So I took a look around the place and noticed a box in the corner that I wanted to buy.

I found this on Amazon, which was a little odd.

You can find these things for under the pound.

The rubbermaid boxes are fairly small, at about half an inch across.

This box fits a 4.5in x 3.5ins x 1.5inches box.

The top was very well packed with all the boxes.

On the inside I found an empty plastic box that was labelled “Sealed Rubbermaid Container” and marked as being “1kg”.

It was not sealed, and there was a note stating that this item is not for reuse, so I was not happy to find this at this point.

However, the box itself was very nice.

The contents were labelled as being in “2-4” sealed rubbermaid containers.

I don’t know what these are, but they fit nicely in my fridge and freezer.

The box was labelled with a label reading “Rated for 50+ years”, and there were three tabs for attaching the lid to the box.

Inside the box there were four small, 1.2in x 0.8in x 1inch (16mm x 12mm x 10mm) rubbermaid plastic buckets.

A rubbermaid bucket is one of the most popular items in the Rubbermaid line of products, and they’re extremely useful.

I find that rubbermaids can be incredibly convenient for keeping food cool, cold, and clean.

When the bucket is attached to the lid, it seals the container with the lid.

In my experience, a rubbermaid container that is not sealed is a very poor container for storing food.

But this Rubbermaid container is very well sealed, so that’s good. 

In the end, I picked up a Rubbermeme bucket for under $100.

(Thanks to my gifter!)

I’ll probably buy another Rubbermaid for a while, but at least this Rubbermemes bucket will be there when I need it.

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