When your toilet gets wet, you’ll need to keep it in a safe place

The toilet is one of the most common objects to get wet, but its not the only one.

Here are the items you need to ensure you keep it clean and dry.


Your water source.

Water is important for your toilet, and your water supply is the most important thing to remember.

You can either flush it, or put your toilet in a sealed container with a lid.

It’s important to ensure the water is safe and clean.

If the water level is too high, the water can cause serious damage to your toilet.


A towel.

If your toilet is wet, its important to protect it from the elements.

A wet towel can be a good idea if you have one nearby.

A water-resistant towel will make it much easier to maintain your toilet’s appearance and keep it looking tidy and tidy.


The towel itself.

The more the merrier.

A good quality, waterproof towel can keep your toilet clean for years.

It also keeps your toilet smelling nice, even after a year.


A toilet seat.

If you’re not planning to wash your toilet often, a toilet seat can be good to keep the water from leaking into your toilet and getting into your body.

You may also want to consider using a towel to secure your toilet seat in place.


A bucket or bucket with a seat.

Your toilet is the best place to store the toilet seat and water if you don’t have a bucket.

A clean bucket with seat will keep your bathroom clean and the water circulating.


A dryer.

A large dryer can help you keep your shower and shower curtains from drying out and clogging your toilet or shower.

The water from the dryer will also keep your toilets watertight.


A showerhead.

The showerhead can help your toilet stay dry and in tip-top shape for a longer period of time.


A flushing machine.

A flush-free flushing system can help keep your water tight, even if your toilet has a lid on.

A hand-held flush-type system will help you maintain a consistent flow of water throughout the day.


A washing machine.

If possible, you should use a hand-operated wash machine that is more than just a hose-operated dispenser.

If a showerhead is a necessity, you may want to purchase a hand operated machine that has a built-in water-drain valve.

A high quality, hand-drying machine will help your bathroom stay clean and in good condition for a long time.


A drain.

If toilet water gets into your shower or shower curtain, it can damage them and make it harder for you to shower in the future.

It can also cause a toilet to smell bad and look dirty, and this will make your toilet less attractive to potential customers.

Some people prefer to put a lid over their toilet when they wash, to reduce odours.

This can be handy if your bathroom is a messy and cluttered place.

If this is your preferred method, you can find an inexpensive toilet cleaner on the internet.


A lid.

A lavatory lid is a great way to prevent water from getting into the toilet, especially if your water is running low.

A small, flat, plastic lid can help seal the hole and prevent water getting into a toilet.

A bathroom mirror with a clear lens is also a good option to add to your bathroom to help with your cleanliness.


A bowl.

A nice, well-made bowl can be used to store your toilet bowl and water.

A well-shaped bowl is also useful for storing other items, such as your shampoo.


A mirror.

A wide-angle mirror can help to keep your bowl looking clean and shiny.

It will also help to prevent stains from forming on your toilet bowls.

It may also help you to remember to wash before leaving the bathroom.


A lock.

A strong, sturdy lock can keep items secure and prevent leaks.

A keyring will also work as a key to unlock your toilet while it’s being used.


A window.

An open window allows water to enter your bathroom and also helps keep items from getting wet and clogged.


A sink.

A built-up sink is a good choice for keeping your toilet cool.

A deep, shallow sink can also help with water flow and reduce odour and stains from your toilet water.


A basin.

A cupboard can be an excellent place to keep things like soap and shampoo.

A tub can also be used as a bath tub if it has a tub lid on the top.


A trolley.

A cheap trolley is also an excellent choice if you need a small toilet.

The trolley can also keep things handy like your toilet paper, toilet tissue, a towel and shampoo bottle.


A coffee table.

A simple, attractive table can also make a big difference to your privacy.

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