Trump is ‘playing a game’ with veterans

Donald Trump is playing a game with veterans and their families: He’s refusing to release the names of the veterans who are being forced to wait months for care, even as thousands of veterans wait for care.

Trump has refused to provide any records of his promises to the American people to ensure that all veterans who need treatment will receive it.

The White House released only two years of his health care proposal.

But in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Veterans Affairs released two years worth of health care plan details, including how much care a veteran would receive, the cost per month and the amount of care a Veteran would receive if he or she had any conditions.

There is a huge difference in the two.

Trump’s plan is not comprehensive.

It includes only three of the ten conditions Trump pledged to eliminate, according to a summary provided to the Washington Post.

In total, the plan provides care for about three-quarters of veterans, but only three-in-ten vets have been provided with the treatment they need, according a 2014 report from the Congressional Research Service.

The Trump plan does not provide the care they need to survive in a post-combat environment.

In addition, it does not address the chronic health problems of the wounded and their dependents, including long-term care.

The VA and Trump agree that it is not fair for veterans who have received treatment and who do not need it to wait years to receive treatment.

The Post’s Greg Miller reported in February that the Trump administration was “in the process of developing a plan that would require a full-time and long-duration VA medical officer, or a physician-patient relationship, to oversee all VA care, including the treatment of veterans.”

Miller also reported that the plan is “deeply unpopular with veterans.”

Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is still in the process “pushing forward” his plan to provide veterans with “a full and long lasting VA medical program that is designed to address the urgent need for medical care for veterans.”

In April, the Post reported that Trump was “under pressure to provide more veterans with care and the government’s finances are strained, with the government already having spent about $20 billion on health care.”

Shulkins is expected to present his plan for the VA on June 14.

It is unclear what form the plan will take.

The department announced in January that it was “reviewing options” for a new VA health care system and said it “is preparing for a review of the VA system by the end of 2017.”

The department did not respond to questions from the Washington Examiner about what form it might take.

Trump said he was “going to fix VA” but didn’t name the department, saying instead, “We are going to fix our veterans, not our political system.”

But the Trump plan doesn’t include veterans who qualify for a waiver from the ACA, which allows them to receive VA care and services without having to go to a doctor.

The plan does include veterans and spouses of veterans who receive VA medical care who are at risk for homelessness, mental health issues, substance abuse and substance abuse disorders.

It also includes a waiver for veterans with PTSD, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury.

The report also shows that in 2015, Trump signed a bill allowing veterans who died in combat to receive health care at a VA hospital.

The bill was signed by President Barack Obama and signed into law by former President George W. Bush.

Veterans have long said they have been waiting for care in the VA and are not getting it.

Some veterans have been told by doctors that they have no choice but to wait for treatment.

A VA spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon, “VA has received thousands of calls about the waiting list, and we are working hard to accommodate those calls.”

The VA is also dealing with a surge in demand for care from VA hospitals, which have seen a rise in the number of vets needing care.

According to a report from Vox, “A new report from a nonprofit group called the Center for Veterans Health found that in the first three months of this year, veterans in rural communities saw the largest number of care-seeking calls, and the largest percentage of veterans seeking care, since the ACA was passed.”

The report found that rural veterans are seeing an increase in calls to the VA because they are seeking help with “mental health, substance use, and disability issues” and because they can’t access primary care.

“We can’t afford to wait any longer to see our loved ones,” said David Ewing, president of the American Veterans Association.

“Our veterans are going through this, they have suffered in silence.

They are sick, they are disabled, and there is no place to go for care.”

A VA spokesman told the Post that, “The VA is currently in the midst of a review process that will ensure that veterans receive the medical care they require at the VA.”

Trump’s refusal to release veterans’ names

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