How to create your own Lego storage sheds and shelving boxes

Storage is one of the most underutilized areas of the home, but a new project from Lego has the potential to change that.

The company is collaborating with the Israel-based company Rubicon to create a collection of storage sheds for your Lego storage and display needs.

This is a collaboration between Rubicon and Lego and they’ve partnered with the Israeli company to bring the storage sheds to market, a partnership that should only increase the popularity of Lego storage.

The Rubicon-led company will be producing the modular sheds in three colors: white, yellow and blue.

The white one is currently in development, while the yellow one will be available in June 2019 and the blue one is planned for 2019.

Each shed is modular in that it can be made out of a wide variety of materials.

It can be built out of PVC pipes, PVC pipes with holes, wood panels, PVC and plastic.

This gives the sheds a number of different materials and allows for easy assembly.

Each section of the shed can be used for a different purpose.

For example, the blue sheds can be placed on shelves and used as shelving for the Lego display case.

The modularity of the sheds is important, because it allows them to be used in a variety of different ways.

The sheds are designed to be easily disassembled, meaning that they can be quickly cleaned and replaced, even if you decide to store them in different parts of your home.

Lego Storage sheds are also available in three different colors.

This makes it easy to see what each storage shed can do, and which materials it can use.

The sheds come in three basic shapes.

The main building module is the rectangular white shed that can be easily moved to various areas of your house.

The black one is made of PVC panels, while it’s smaller and lighter, but can also be used as a storage shed.

The second module is made up of the yellow module, which can be moved around to different parts in your home, as well as to other areas of a room.

The blue module is also available, but it can only be used inside your house and cannot be used outdoors.

The third module is an extra-long wooden panel that can fit into any space in your house, and can be attached to any section of your shed.

It is made out a plastic material that can withstand the heat and the pressure of the space, and will be used to hold up to 10 Lego storage units.

It’s also available as an extra.

The Lego Storage Shed is the perfect addition to any home, especially if you have a lot of storage space, as it makes it so easy to store and organize the items that are in the shed.

The modularity and ease of assembly make it a great solution for many homes, as the sheds can easily be assembled, easily cleaned and replace, and they can even be easily reconfigured.

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