“Ammo Storage” – Episode 20 – The New Year

A week after “Amber and I” and a week after the introduction of new episodes, the second season of The CW’s Arrow is finally here.

It’s still a long way from the show’s premiere, which we saw on January 1, but this episode does have its moments, with the return of the team to Thessia, Thea finally being able to go back in time, Oliver and company reuniting with their family, and the debut of new members like Oliver Queen and Thea Queen.

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst moments from “Amerigold” and “Apothecary” so far, along with a look back at “Aquarius,” which aired two weeks ago.

First of all, I want to talk about the opening scenes.

While “Amonites” has always been an episodic show, The CW is finally introducing a season to go with each episode.

And while this is a long season, it also comes with some big changes to the show.

For starters, the first season introduced the “Amor” and the “Corsairs” as the main antagonists.

This was the team that the show had been building up to battle for years.

But as the show got bigger, The Amor and the Corsairs became more and more powerful, leading to a lot of tension.

In the first episode, “The New Amor,” Oliver and Team Arrow try to track down The Amora, who has been using her powers to attack innocent civilians.

(Spoiler alert: The Amoras do not want Oliver to stop, and he does not have the power to stop them.)

This episode also introduced Thea and Thessaria, the two new members of the Team Arrow.

When I first heard the name Thea, I had no idea who she was, or even what The Amors name was.

And in my head, I thought, “Oh, that’s not really interesting, but it’s not a bad name to have.”

She’s got some nice looks and a cool name, and she’s an interesting character.

And I loved her introduction.

(I actually thought Thea was an interesting new character, too, but that was not what happened.)

I also thought it was great that the team was now able to have their own space ship, because this was one of the first shows that we saw with this kind of technology.

But in “Aquinas” (which aired on January 4), The Amoros spaceship was destroyed by Team Arrow after being shot by Team Black Canary.

And now, the Amoros are trying to regain their space ship and restore their powers. 

I can’t wait to see what happens in this new season.

It’s a good change, and a welcome one.

The second episode also introduces the team’s new leader, Oliver Queen.

The episode has a lot going on, so let’s break down all of the big moments so you know what’s coming.

(You’ll see spoilers for each episode in the show description, so make sure you’re ready for that.)

The Amoros arrive at a new ship, and Oliver finds himself on the new Amoros space ship.

(The Amors have also changed their name to “The Amerigolds.”)

Oliver starts off on the ship, but soon realizes he has no idea what to do with the Amors.

Oliver and the Amor have been together for decades, and they know each other.

Oliver, however, is a new recruit to the Amora team, and this is not the Amorus he was introduced to in the first episodes.

So when the Amoras leader, “Acheron,” comes to the ship and tries to take control of the Amori, Oliver refuses to give up and takes a hostage on board the ship.

When the Amoris leader, Thessarian, arrives to rescue Oliver, the Amerigs ship explodes, killing the Amoros leader and saving the Amoro ship.

The Amoras ship is destroyed, and The Amori ship is left in ruins.

Oliver is now alone with The Amoro leader, and soon realizes that the Amoss have been plotting against him for years, but he’s never really realized this until now.

(We’re going to get to that in a bit.)

When Oliver learns that The Amoss are planning to attack a local hospital, he decides to leave with Thea to find out more.

Theres also a flashback to “A Merigold,” when Oliver’s father was kidnapped and Oliver was a young boy.

When Thea learns that her father has died, Oliver is devastated, and is in tears.

Oliver eventually decides to go to the hospital, but is scared when he finds out that Thea is also missing.

The Amoars ship is also destroyed, so Oliver is stuck in space.

(That means he is trapped in space.)

He eventually decides that it’s best to leave

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