What to do if you get a box of stuff you didn’t expect in your garage

There’s a lot of junk out there.

If you’ve ever opened a box in your driveway or your garage and realized there was nothing inside but some boxes, you’ve probably done it.

But what if the junk you opened contained things you thought you’d never need?

Well, there’s now a new tool in your arsenal.

Polygon is reporting that the maker of the LIFX-series of storage bins has released a kit of containers designed to hold your household goods.

The bins are meant to be portable and, if you’re in a pinch, you can take them anywhere.

The LIFZX-100 is a single-level bin designed to house up to 10 boxes of household essentials.

The LIFWX-120 is a three-level storage bin with six bins and can hold up to a total of 30 boxes of essentials.LIFX bins, designed to last for yearsThe LIFTX-200 is designed for people who are traveling the country, or need to store items that they can’t normally store in a home.

It can hold an average of 10 boxes, but can hold more depending on the type of item it’s used for.

The BUNT-200 holds an average 5 boxes, and the BUNF-120 holds an 8-item load.

The BOX-200, the LIFT-200 and the LOB-200 all hold 5 or more boxes, with the BON-200 the smallest, weighing in at just under 4 pounds.

As the name implies, the BUMT-100 has a similar look to the LiftX bins but is meant for people in a hurry.

The price point of the BIN-200 ($45) makes it a solid choice for folks who have limited storage space in their home or need something quickly and easily to pack.

The $40 LIF-100 ($45), the $50 LIFH-100 and the $60 BUN-100 can each hold an estimated 30 boxes.

The BIN series also comes with a plastic shelf that can hold between 25 and 35 boxes, as well as a large, sturdy stand that can store 10 to 15 boxes.

The shelf can hold a total weight of 50 pounds, or, in some cases, it can hold enough boxes to carry the entire household.

For more information on storage solutions, check out our roundup of the best DIY storage systems.

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