What are the best free-to-air football matches?

The latest football match data from SportVU revealed that the average audience of F1 races is currently over 1.5 million, a figure that has been steadily increasing.

That means that the audience has been growing for years and the sport is clearly enjoying the growing popularity of its televised matches.

In 2017, F1 drivers took home the title of the most watched sport on television, according to the numbers provided by SportVu, with the Red Bull Ring race in Austria taking the top spot, followed by the Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid.

In the United Kingdom, the top five sporting events took the top three spots in terms of audience figures, with Formula One drivers leading the way with an average audience over 1 million.

However, it was the United States, which has been the world’s biggest and most popular sport, that saw a decrease in viewership figures over the past year, as well as an increase in the number of people watching online.

In 2018, F2 races in the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and the Netherlands saw an average viewership of just over 1,500,000 viewers.

This number was slightly lower than last year’s average of 1,700,000.

However it is worth noting that the viewership figures for the races themselves have not changed, with average audiences for the first half of the season now averaging more than 1 million people.

F1’s popularity has also been increasing in other countries, with Germany having the highest proportion of people tuning in to the F1 Grand Prix races, with a quarter of Germans tuning in, and the United State also recording a higher share of the total viewing figures for F1.

The most popular F1 race in 2018 was the Australian Grand Prix, which attracted over 2.6 million viewers.

The US Grand Prix had the second-highest viewership at 1.9 million.

In fact, F3 races are the only other sport to have a more stable audience than F1, with an estimated audience of more than 3 million people, with Red Bull’s Russian Grand Prix and Mercedes’ Russian GP having the most popular drivers.

The latest data from SportsVu also showed that the biggest driver audiences in the world are in China, where Formula One has recorded a record-breaking 18 million fans watching live.

In contrast, the biggest audience in Europe is in the Middle East and Africa, with Qatar and Bahrain each taking home over 6 million fans each.

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